• Elina Manzhalii Bogomolets National Medical University, PhD
Keywords: detoxification phases, glutathione, detoxification programs


Introduction. Due to the fact that the liver performs the function of filtration, the proper functioning of both phases of detoxification affect the work of the liver as a whole and ensure a holistic chain of work. In recent years, many products have flooded the planet, including toxins, metals, chemicals (inorganic, solvents, plasticizers), synthetic drugs, mold, solids, surfactants, radiation, endotoxins, chemicals and more. These substances adversely affect the liver and disrupt the whole chain of detoxification phases. With this in mind, the article offers detoxification programs to restore liver function.
Goal. Analyze the cause-and-effect relationship between the occurrence and development of liver disease due to disruption of the detoxification phases and summarize treatment strategies based on evidence-based medicine.
Materials and methods. Bibliographical and theoretical analysis is carried out and a generalization of literature data is carried out. Description and analysis were used in the research.
Results and its discussion.
Conclusions. Control over the patient’s performance, the appointment of treatment tactics depending on the type of disorders of detoxification functions of the liver, provides an opportunity to stabilize the patient’s condition.

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