• Mykola Lisianyi Head of the Department of Neuroimmunology, Corresponding Member of NAMNU, professor, Institute of Neurosurgery
Keywords: COVID -19 infection, immunity, neutralizing antibodies, immune drugs from convalescent blood


The role of both cellular and humoral immune responses in the pathogenesis of COVID-19 is ambiguous and controversial. The presented literature review analyzes two views on this problem, namely the protective and stimulating viral infection (immune-pathological) role of various immune cells, especially antibodies. Data on the direction and level of neutralizing and non-neutralizing antibodies in the blood of patients, convalescents and healthy individuals and it is noted that up to 30-50% of patients have low levels of virus neutralizing antibodies, which complicates the use of antibodies for prevention and treatment of severe diseases. It is characterized by antigen-specific and nonspecific mechanisms of action of antibodies in corona infection, which differently affect the course of the disease. The review briefly discusses the problems associated with obtaining and using different types of monoclonal antibodies to treat critically ill patients. The article concludes that immune drugs from convalescent blood, which contains a high level of neutralizing antibodies, are currently the specific method of treatment for COVID -19.


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