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Author Guidelines


We ask you to carefully study all of the following model provisions. Careful observance of these requirements will significantly reduce the correction of the author's text in all its elements, facilitate your and our work, speed up the publication of your materials. Our requirements will gradually approach the relevant international recommendations.


All articles should be original, and manuscripts are coordinated with all authors. The previous publication of the materials in any publication, both in whole and in part, except for registration in the form of thesis, is not allowed. Also, these materials should not be published in other publications and reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher.

If the publication uses illustrations, tables and other materials published by other researchers, the author must be allowed to publish them.

The material left for publication should have an expert opinion. The language of the articles is Ukrainian, Russian or English.

Manuscripts will be accepted by reviewers and publishers. Manuscripts that need significant changes in the review process will be returned to the authors for revision.

The editorial board does not bear responsibility for the mistakes made by the authors.

If the editors believe that the article has hidden advertising, it reserves the right to draw up an agreement with the author for an additional payment. The volume of articles is unlimited, but the editors reserve the right to reduce the material at a volume of more than 20 pages of typewritten text or its placement in several issues of the journal.


The article is sent to the editorial office in 2 copies with 2 sets of illustrations, with the text printed through 2 intervals on one side of the standard A4 sheet (210x197 mm) with margins of 3 cm on all sides. Number all pages of the manuscript must be consistently starting from the title page.

  1. Title page.

The name (in capital letters), the full name (s) of the authors, the name of the institution where the publication was performed, and its exact postal address, the full address of the author to whom correspondence will be sent. If required, a telephone / fax for communication.

If you are preparing material on the computer, please do it on CD-ROM, indicating the name and version of the text editor (preferably Win Word 2000 and XP). The illustrations developed on the computer are accepted in TIFF format with a resolution of 300 dpi. In addition to the CD-ROM must be sent the printed material of the article.

  1. UDC
  2. Summary. Each article should have a summary, which consists of the following sections - The purpose of the work, Materials and methods, Results, Conclusions. Manuscripts are accompanied by summaries in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

All summaries should have a translation of the title of the article, the name of the author (authors), the name of the institution.

  1. The text of the article, taking into account the international design requirements (for short messages (less than 5 pages) - not necessarily), should have the following written reproduction:

Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, References.

Introduction - should reflect the essence of the study and explain its relevance.

Materials and methods - contain essential details, including a description of the experimental study carried out, methods of statistical calculation of the results.

Results - there is necessary to reflect the basic data obtained as a result, of the conducted research. The results should not contain a discussion of received data.

Discussion and conclusions - there should not be a repetition of the Results section, but rather to present the data in a broader format, using the work of other authors on this topic.

References - all sources of  literature referred to in the text of the article (to be printed in [] brackets) should be provided in the list of references sequentially, as they occur in the text of the article. Examples of the design of the list of referencesare given below in accordance with the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission (see Bulletin of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine, 2008. № 3).

List of references:

Examples of design

Monographs (one, two or three authors)

СуберлякО. В. Технологія переробки композиційних матеріалів: підруч. [для студ. вищ. навч. закл.] / О. В. Суберляк, П. І. Баштан. - Львів : Растр-7, 2007. - 375 с.

Five or more authors

Формування здорового способу життя: навч.-метод. посіб. Для працівників соц.служб/ [Т. В. Бондар,О. Г. Карпенко, та ін.].- К. : Укр. ін-т соц. дослідж., 2005.-115 с. - (Серія «Здоровий спосіб життя»: у 14 кн., кн. 13).

Collective author

Проблеми типологічної та квантитативної лексикології: [зб.наук.праць / наук. ред. Каліущенко В. та ін.]. - Чернівці : Рута, 2007. - 310 с.

Multivolume editions

Кучерявенко Н.П. Курс налогового права: Особеннаячасть: в 6 Т. / Н.П. Кучерявенко.-Х. Право, 2002-Т.4:Косвенные налоги.-2007.-534с.

Translation editions

Акофф Р. Л. Идеализированное проектирование/АкоффР.Л.,;пер.с англ. Ф.П.Тарасенко. - Днепропетровск: Баланс Бизнес Букс, 2007. — XLIII, 265 с.


Якість води. Словник термінів: ДСТУ ISO 6107-1:2004 - ДСТУ ISO 61079:2004.-[Чинний від 2005-04-01].-К.:Держспоживстандарт України, 2006.-IV,231 с.-(Національний стандарт України).

Collections of learned works

Социологическое исследование малых групп населения /В. И. Иванов [и др.]; М-во образования Рос. Федерации, Финансовая академия. – М., 2002. – 110 с. – Деп. в ВИНИТИ 13.06.02, № 145432.

Components of the book

Козіна Ж. Л. Теоретичні основи практичного застосування системного аналізу в наукових дослідженнях в області спортивних ігор / Ж. Л. Козіна // Теорія та методика фізичного виховання. - 2007. - № 6. - С.15-18.

Theses of reports

Оцінка ресурсу елементів конструкцій: праці конф.,6-9 черв. 2000 р., Київ. Т. 2 / відп. Ред. В. Т. Трощенко. — К.:НАН України, Ін-т пробл. міцності, 2000. - С. 559-956, ХІІІ,[2] с. - (Ресурс 2000).

Tables and illustrations

Numbered in Arabic numerals and executed on separate sheets. Tables should have a title, and graphics, drawings and microphotos are signatures made on a separate sheet (sheets) that clearly reflect the essence of the illustration. If the text shows an increase in the object, then it should be given in parentheses, for example (x500), and at the end of the inscription - "...fibers x 46000". For reprinting microphotographs, original, are needed good quality photographs; negatives and photocopies are not used. On the back of each illustration, indicate its number, authors' names and the top and bottom edges. Graphs and drawings should be provided in the form of clear glossy photographs or executed on a separate sheet. Place the text in the corresponding illustration on the left box in the box with the number of the illustration.

Chemical formulas

All chemical formulas and schemes from them enter by hand a paste of black color. The chemical formulas for publication (except for the simplest ones, such as HCl, H2504) and the reaction scheme are numbered in Arabic numerals, in parentheses and submitted after the end of the paragraph with reference to them. The ordinal numbers of the individual formulas are placed under the formula, the numbers of the schemes are on the right side of the format.

Articles, typography of which does not comply with the specified rules will be returned to the authors without consideration of the editorial staff.


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