Spivak Mykola

Spivak Mykola

Singer Mykola Yakovlevich was born on December 24, 1943. in the village of Street Lviv region graduated from Uzhgorod University (1970). Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (microbiology, virology), Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences (Developmental Biology). Since 1973 p. works at the Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv (since 1992 - head of the department).

The results of M. Spivak's scientific research formed the basis of a number of official therapeutic and prophylactic drugs for humans and animals: splenoferons, leukinferon, diaferon, virexi antiviral drugs, as well as immunostimulating drugs bifidim, phytomax. Biotechnological bases for obtaining recombinant proteins - antigens of hepatitis viruses, AIDS, leukemia, etc. have been developed, which has allowed to create competitive test systems for clinical diagnosis and to meet the needs of medical institutions of Ukraine.

The fundamental results of M. Ya. Spivak's scientific research were awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology, the prizes named after DK Zabolotny, named after II Mechnikov and them. OO Bogomolets of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, silver medal named after IP Pavlov (Russia), the gold medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization (Switzerland) and the gold medal of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

  1. Ya. Spivak is the author of 436 scientific works, including 10 monographs, 4 practical manuals and 4 methodical recommendations, 68 author's certificates and patents. Under his supervision 5 doctoral and 18 candidate dissertations were defended.

Mykola Spivak's monographs "Sepsis: Immunology and Immunocorrection" (2007), "Immunotropic Drugs" (2008), "Interferon and the system of mononuclear phagocytes" (2002), "Papillomavirus infection and the interferon system" (2008), "Interferons: biological and clinical" effects ”(2006),“ Essays on phagocytosis ”(2009) filled the information vacuum in these issues.

Among the patents and copyright certificates that have been introduced into the practice of health care and the national economy, the most well-known are: "Stimulator of immunity in animals", "Method of treatment of purulent-septic diseases", "Method of treatment of acute pneumonia in young children", "Method of obtaining interferon drug", "Interferon inducer", "Biologically active drug and method of its production", "Method of rehabilitation of patients with radiation damage", "Method of choosing an immunomodulator and its optimal dose for immune correction in patients", "SP persons receiving insulin "and others.

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4394-7275