Lisianyi Mykola

Lisianyi Mykola

Lisyaniy Mykola (date of birth - 06 April 1946) is a member of Ukrainian National Academy of Medical Sciences specializing in immunology (since 28 December 2011), Doctor in Medical Sciences (since 1981), professor (since 1989), Honored in Science and Technology (in 1996), holder of Bohomolets Prize (1984), an immunologist of the highest category, the health care specialist, the head of laboratory - experimental sector of Neurosurgery Institute of Ukraine, head of neuro-immunology Department of Neurosurgery Institute of Ukraine.

Mr. Lisyaniy is a leading scientist in immunology, known as the founder of a new area in immunology called “neuroimmunology”. Major areas of activities: the interaction of neuro and immune systems in normal and pathological  conditions, autoimmune pathology and its diagnostics and treatment, immune-deficit and its corrections, radiation impact on neuro and immune systems, neurooncology and immune therapy of brain cancer, immunology and  immune therapy of stem cells.

He made a significant contribution into the development of solutions to a problem of small doze radiation impact and defined the meaning of radiactive and autoimmune factor in progressive course of post-radiation encephalopathy. He described the separate form of deficit of the immune system- neurogenic immunedeficit and proposed ways to cure it. During experimental and clinical research, he proved the existence of local immune system of brain and its connection to the immune system of the body. He also investigated the development of immune reactions during neuro-transplantation. He developed and implemented in clinical and laboratory practice a variety of diagnostics and treatment methods that are protected by 25 copyrights and patents.

Mr. Lisyaniy is an author of 420 scientific works, where 11 of them are monographs. He prepared 3 doctors of science and 20 candidates of science (medicine and philosophy doctors).

He was the Vice Prezident of Association of Immunology, Allergology and Immunorehabilitation of Ukraine for many years. He is a member of: European Association of Neuroimmulogists, Russian Association of Immunologists, New York Academy of Sciences, Editors’ teams of 4 specialized journals.

He was honored by the Supreme Council of Ukraine (2006), by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2011), by National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and received numerous prizes from Ministry of Health of Ukraine and National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. He was awarded a medal “Veteran of Labour” (2007) and a sign “Inventor of USSR (1989)”.

Major works: “Antibodies and regulation of body functions” (1982), “Traumatic brain injury and immunology reaction of the body” (1981), “Immune system of the brain” (1991), “Immunology and immune therapy of malignant tumors of brain” (2011).

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