Driyanska Viktoria E.

Driyanska Viktoria E.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Deputy Director for Science, Deputy Head of the Laboratory of Immunology at State Institution “Institute of Nephrology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine».

Viktoriia Yevhenivna DRIIANSKA was born in the town of Torez, the Donetsk region, on 6 September 956, her mother is a physician, father is an engineer.

In 1973 she graduated from Secondary School No. 95 with the Gold Medal for Academic Excellence. From 1973 till December 1978, she studied at Donetsk Medical Institute named after Gorky, and in 1979 she graduated from Bogomolets Kyiv Medical Institute by the General Medicine major.

She completed voluntary postgraduate studies (intership) at hospital No. 10 in Kyiv, later she worked in the same hospital as a doctor. Working as a therapist she acquired important experience in the sphere of practical medicine and become confident that research of mechanisms of severe and chronic pathologies could allow helping patients in a more efficient way.

At that time, Immunology excited interest as a new medical science. So, when in 1983, the opportunity to be engaged with this direction appeared, she began to work enthusiastically as a laboratory doctor as part of the group of typing at the kidney transplantation department of the immunology laboratory at the Institute of Urology and Nephrology of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine that was headed for many years by an outstanding personality — Professor Heorhii Mykolaiovych DRANNIK. He directed the further scientific carrier and way of life of Viktoriia Yevhenivna DRIIANSKA.

Her work on the problems of increased survival of renal allografts in patients with severe CKD allowed to analyze the state of immunity in recipients and to conduct research of grafts in situ. This was also facilitated by the fact that in 1987 Viktoriia Yevhenivna began working as a scientific researcher of the Laboratory of Immunology of the same institute, where she studied the basics of immunology and worked hard to improve her professional skill at the various positions starting from a junior researcher up to a chief researcher under the guidance of Professor Heorhii Mykolaiovych DRANNIK, an outstanding Ukrainian scientist, Doctor of Medical Sciences. Led by Professor H. M. DRANNIK and Professor Ye. Ya. Baran, in 1991 she successfully defended her thesis “Role of K, NK-cells and Lymphocytotox Antibodies with Different Temperatures in Functioning of the Renal Allograft” by specialty “Immunology and Allergology”. Doctoral thesis “Immune Mechanisms of Pathogenesis of Acute Pyelonephritis and Opportunities of Immunecorrection” by specialty 01.14.29 “Clinical Immunology” was defended in 1998 thanks to consultants, world-class scientists — Heorhii Mykolaiovych DRANNIK, Head of the Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergology at О. О. Bogomolets National Medical University, and Oleksandr Fedorovych VOZIANOV, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Director of Institute of Urology and Nephrology.

Viktoriia Yevhenivna DRIIANSKA received the academic title of senior researcher by specialty “Clinical Immunology” in 2000 and the title of professor by specialty “Immunology and Allergology” in 2005.
Within the period from 1991 to 2002, Viktoriia Yevhenivna DRIIANSKA worked as a Research Associate in the Laboratory of Immunology at the Institute of Urology and participated actively in the preparation and implementation of program “Protection and Rehabilitation of the Immune System of Ukrainian Population” that won the competition held by the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and then implemented under the leadership of the Ministry of Science and Technology within the framework of program “Health of Ukrainian Population” (from 1992 to 1999). The program manager was Professor Heorhii Mykolaiovych DRANNIK, and she acted as his deputy and a principal investigator of five research projects in the field of “Immunology, Clinical Immunology”, namely on the influence of drugs and immunotropic preparations and laser irradiation on clinical and immunological parameters, the state of health of patients on with various diseases, development of a modern information system for the Service of Clinical Immunology.

An important project was to study the distribution and manifestations of immunodeficiency in population of Ukraine with the indication of cellular and humoral immunity in patients who have chronic inflammatory disorders and are included in the dispensary observation groups of pulmonologists, urologists, gastroenterologists, nephrologists and others. Identified features of immunity disorders in the population of both patients and healthy individuals in different regions of Ukraine allowed to form groups at risk of further development of various diseases. Conducted studies helped in defining the amount of care required to patients in the regions and developing a strategy on its improvement for the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
For many years, Viktoriia Yevhenivna DRIIANSKA was the Deputy Chairperson of the Task Group at the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine by specialty 14.03.08 “Immunology and Allergology”, participated actively in the meetings that contributed to the development of Ukrainian clinical immunology.
In 1998, with the active participation of Viktoriia Yevhenivna DRIIANSKA, the National Congress of Immunology and Allergy was held, it decided to establish the Ukrainian Society of Immunology, Allergy and Immunorehabilitation and H. M. DRANNIK became its first president, and Viktoriia Yevhenivna DRIIANSKA was elected to be the Secretary General and served this honorable duty for 20 years.
Professor V. Ye. DRIIANSKA actively participated in the creation and approval of Ukraine's first specialized journal “Immunology and Allergology”.

From 2002 to present, Professor Viktoriia Yevhenivna DRIIANSKA, Doctor of Medical Sciences, is a Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, Head of the Laboratory of Immunology at State Institution “Institute of Nephrology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”. Through research conducted by prof. V. Ye. DRIIANSKA in recent years, the further development of the understanding of the immune system under changes in cytokine production, expression of adhesion receptors, pro-apoptotic markers in patients with acute and chronic pyelonephritis. It allowed to define possible to determine the predictors of pyelonephritis, its chronic course with frequent relapses. Research performed by Professor V. Ye. DRIIANSKA on the influence of several drugs in vitro and the analysis of clinical and immunological effects of their use in patients allowed to prove scientifically the algorithm of individual targeted immunotherapy in the scheme of complex therapy, including the use of domestic drugs (Laferon Erbisol, Nucleinat, Proteflazidum etc.).
The scientific data obtained for the first time are of great importance for practitioners, enable to form high risk groups (of both children and adults) at the stage of observation in the hospital and outpatient follow-up, use possible preventive personalized therapeutic measures and use a more active therapy in patients with acute pyelonephritis for preventing its chronicity.

The use of predictive immunological markers (HLA and cytokines) allow to define the term of appointment individualized schemes for effective treatment and prognosis of the clinical course in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis.

Conducted with V. Ye. DRIIANSKA fundamental clinical and experimental studies allowed to use immunity indicators for a more differentiated, individualized approach to diagnosis, prognosis and prescription of glucocorticoids and cytostatics for treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis and immunomodulators in patients with pyelonephritis for the purpose of inhibiting the disease progression and development of chronic renal failure.

Evidence-based recommendations improve the quality of life of patients with chronic renal failure, reduce mortality and comorbidity, the need for more expensive procedures of hemo- and peritoneal dialysis and enable to prolong survival of the kidney transplant and patients after allotransplantation.
Professor V. Ye. DRIIANSKA prepared 5 candidates and 2 doctors of sciences in specialties 03.00.09 “Immunology” and 14.03.08 “Immunology and Allergology”. She has 387 publications, including 45 foreign ones, 4 pieces in monographs, 16 patents for the invention and utility model, 2 newsletters, 2 guidelines.
For over the course of 12 years, Viktoriia Yevhenivna DRIIANSKA is an expert in clinical immunology and allergy immunology of the Expert Committee on Theoretical and Preventive Medicine and Pharmacy (from January 2019, she is its Chairperson) at the Department of Personnel Certification of Ukraine.
In recent years, she was twice awarded with the diploma of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine for the contribution to the development of medical science and research and organizational activities.
She awarded the Medal of the Society of Immunology, Allergy and Immunorehabilitation named after К. F. Chernushenko, received the Honorary Award of the International Academy of Rating Technology and Sociology «Golden Fortune» — medal «Labor Glory» of class ІІІ, а recipient of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of Science and Technology (2019).

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