Bychkova Nina

Bychkova Nina

BYCHKOVA Nina (19.09.1944, Lviv) – biologist, immunologist. Doctor of Biological Sciences (1996). She graduated from Kyiv University (1975). She worked as a senior laboratory assistant at the Kyiv Research Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology (1972-1975); from 1976 – at the National Medical University (Kyiv): senior research associate, head of the gastroimmunology laboratory (1987–1999), chief research associate (since 1999). Investigates cellular, humoral and local immunity in patients with pathology of the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract; correction of their condition with the help of medicinal and non-medicinal means, in particular mineral waters of Ukraine.

Works: Popular immunology. K., 1990; Some features of the course of diseases of the stomach and duodenum against the background of increased radiation exposure // Vest. USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. 1991. № 11; Immunocorrective nucleic drugs and their clinical application. K., 1994; Immune status, principles of its assessment and correction of immune disorders. K., 1995; Prospects for the use of immunotropic drugs in environmentally unfavorable conditions // Nauk. zap. Nat. Kyiv-Mohyla University. academy". K., 2000. T. 18 (co-author); Immune status of women in labor with wound infection and its correction with the drug Mikon // Coll. Science. etc. KMAPE employees. K., 2001. Vip. 10, vol. 3 (co-author).

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