Bazalytska Svitlana

Bazalytska Svitlana

In 1998 she defended her PhD thesis in the field of "histology, cytology, embryology".

Place of work - Institute of Urology.

In 2017 she received the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences.

Among the patents – "Method of prognostic diagnosis of male infertility of various etiologies" (2013), co-authors Horpynchenko Ihor, Nikitin Oleh, Persydskyi Yurii, Romanenko Alina.

Among the works: "New immunohistochemical markers of prostate cancer in predicting the occurrence of biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy", 2014, co-authors M. Vikarchuk, V. Hryhorenko, R. Danylets, S. Mezherytskyi, A. Romanenko, N. Saidakova.

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